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I found this game yesterday and I really love it! ๐Ÿ˜€ The atmosphere, the room 202 case, the gamemechanics and the office as homemenue are fantastic. I'm really waiting for the next case and I would pay for every new case in the future ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ Thanks for this game! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you very much I am so glad you enjoyed it. Episode 2 is coming very soon.

Got my key and it looks really nice.

Awesome glad you have it now and are enjoying it :) More to come asap.

no key in email,spam or trash.

I purchased this on itch and cant download the update.Do we get a key for the oculus app lab ?

I sent out all of the App Lab keys this morning to the email that was used for said purchase, if you are having an issue finding it come to my discord and message me. It is on App Lab only now as it makes it easier for users to buy, update e.t.c so when patches or episodes are released it just makes it much more stream lined. Chat soon.

Nothing, no key in my email.

what name are you in that discord ?

GWPGearWorx - Lets talk there so I can sort it out instead of itch. Chat soon.

no email,spam or trash key. Why not make the itch page with a download. Just send the key here.

To many keys to do that so come to Discord I am on there now , so I can sort it. Thanks.

It will not let me download.

is it an Apk file?

Yes it is an APK file inside a "ZIP" this version was quite big. So I compressed it.

been a while since any updates? dev give up?

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Oh god no I have not given up been busting my back side with 2.0 update which is a complete overhaul, visuals and gameplay mechanics from scratch, to do two things A) Solidify the core mechanics for episode 2 and beyond. B) Listening to feed back to improve it all around. 2.0 is a WHOLE new beast. If possible you can visit the discord here:  as I post updates there and also chat with players e.t.c So no FAR FAR FAR from dead LOTS in the works, just have to remember I am a team of one, I am doing it all and that's a big undertaking. Thanks much and I hope to see you there. Kindest Regards.